About Me

A normal 24 year old still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Is that normal? To be 24 and so indecisive? Oh well, I am! I'm currently a full-time surgical tech passing the days passing instruments, caring for patients and dreaming of finding my 'aha' moment in life. 

I started this blog because for one I want to make myself accountable for actually journaling/keeping up with my lifestyle so I can look back and promise myself that I did do something fun at least a few times in my twenties. I also wanted a place to clear my mind and keep up with my happiness journey.

Here are a few of my favorite things: reading, writing, social media, Trivia Crack - because I love competition and guessing answers to questions I don't know lol, music - Hip-Hop and R&B, with a small pinch of everything else, tv - Walking Dead, Empire, Bring It, and too much other stuff that rots my brain, oh and finally NETFLIX - because I discover great movies there. 

I hope that you'll enjoy following my journey on this blog and that we both discover that life's little treasures are the things that matter most! 

XOXO liptonTee

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