Kikki K Planner Review + Planner Freebie!

Feb 22, 2015

February 5th 2015, I took a planner leap of faith and ordered my very first Kikki K planner. For those of you who don't know what Kikki K is, Kikki K is an Australia based stationery company that offers planners, desk supplies, journals, etc. I was nervous at first buying the planner because I've never used a ringed-planner and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it was on sale for 50% off and I got a $10 off coupon just for signing up to their website! 

I decided to get their large lilac and gold time planner (unfortunately it's been gloomy all day here so I couldn't get a picture of its "true" color). I like the elastic band closure and I'm in love with the gold foil diamond print! Kikki K was super fast with shipping, I got my planner in 5 days, all the way from Australia and I don't think I ever waited so eagerly for anything else lol!

On the inside the planner comes with 4 initial pockets, which I stuck some handmade project life cards and some Target page flags in. Behind there is another pocket and I stuck in some sheets from my cat and mouse Target list pads. There is also a zipper section that I plan to use for planner stickers and then there is another pocket behind that one where I put in a little 4x6 snap pouch for any additional goodies I may want to put in my planner. 

The planner also comes fully packed with a set of 7 dividers and page inserts. Monthly view, weekly view, addresses, birthdays/anniversaries, shops and restaurants, to-do and expenses. There is also another pocket in the back with a notepad slipped inside and a pen loop for you to add your own pen - I'm saving mine for an Amethyst Pen Gems Pen

I am in love with the Kikki K planner and love the versatility with the pockets and the ability to make it my "own" as you can see I've done from the photo above. I've added an acetate sheet, some gold foil cardstock paper and a stamped image that I just love. Overall the Kikki K planner seems very durable. I haven't had mine for long but it's definitely not flimsy or cheap feeling. I love the fact that it comes with dividers and inserts (although I've ordered some other ones) and as weird as it may sound, I love the color of the binder rings - it's a really pretty strong gold color. 

The price was do-able, the planner is sturdy, the inserts are nice and it's just very pretty all around. If you are looking for a nice planner that's on the lower side of the price spectrum the Kikki K is the way to go. 

Now... enough of my babbling, here is the free printable I promised. At the end of this post there will be a link to the dropbox download where you can download and use this for as long as you'd like. All I ask is that you don't take the link and post it on your website or claim the printable as your own or try to sell it. This is for personal use only. You may share with a friend but please link them back to my blog.  

The printable on top is the Current Swaps printable that I created because I'm always in a swap here or there and it's nice to be able to keep up with it and I figured it would be best to create something I could stick in my planner. The printable features 2 pages on one sheet of paper and is created for an A5 size planner. There is a section for swappers name, contact info, when the swap is due, what items you sent, what you received, on what dates and then a little box for you to check off once the swap is complete. 

The printable on the bottom is not yet available but if you're interested in the Things Ordered Printable, all I ask is that you follow my social media (either via google +, bloglovin, or instagram), leave a comment below with your e-mail and some of your favorite planner supplies and I will e-mail you a limited time link to the printable. 

Here is just a photo of how it looks in the planner. Please be advised that this image shows the printable unpunched. It looks lovely in my lilac Kikki K if I must say so myself. 

Please enjoy your free printable and if you have any questions do not hesitate to leave me a message!

Until Next Time

XOXO LiptonTee

SPSH Sneak Peak #1

Feb 20, 2015

Last Monday after doing a recap of my weekend, I wrote about signing up for a swap hosted by Fab over at Snail Mail Love called the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt. Yesterday we  were finally assigned partners and were given the prompts to follow. My mind immediately started churning as I thought about what to do.  I couldn't decide which prompt I wanted to do so instead I just started gathering supplies to see what I had to work with. 

After scrounging around my room, I found an old 6x6 mini album that I had created a base for but never did anything with, so I decided to use that for this swap and create something for my swap partner. Before sitting down and decorating the album, I thought about using it for the prompt - Bad Day Survival Kit. I changed my mind after I came up with another idea for my Bad Day Survival Kit. 

I'm going to use this mini album for the prompt - Something that represents you  - because I love making things and creating things and I used to be heavy into making mini albums and since the new year has started, I've decided to get back into it. The photo above is just the cover page and I hope that my swap partner will like it. 

I decided to leave the inside pages as blank as possible while also adding a bit of decoration just so that if she decided to add photos or journaling of her own she would be able to do just that and would have plenty of room for it. 

Then I decided that sometimes you need a "prompt"  to get you started with journaling or decorating so I placed a chipboard tag on a few of the pages as you can see in the above photo. Again I tried to leave it to minimal decoration so that my partner could decorate the way she wanted. 

For this page I just used a project life card, some Heidi Swapp epoxy words and a die-cut from my stash. On the next page (not pictured) I put a chevron envelope that I got from Michael's and filled it with some die-cuts that my partner can use once she starts decorating. 

I left the back page pretty plain and just used a rub-on and die-cut sticker. 

Although, it is now too late to sign up for the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt, you can still follow along for all of the sneak peeks on Instagram using the hashtag #SPSH2015! If you were able to sign up for the SPSH I would love to see what sneak peeks you have as well. Until next time, 

XOXO LiptonTee

Weekend Recap + Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt

Feb 9, 2015

Of course, I'm behind on the LoveMe challenge but it's because I've been loving myself so much that I haven't had time to blog about it! This weekend ended up being a really good weekend and I spent a lot of time with friends - we even made plans to do the same thing next weekend! Hello Girls Night Out for the single ladies! It always feels good to enjoy time with friends, even when you feel like you don't really need to. Even when you feel like there are so many other things you should be doing, building that strong connection with your friends is always a plus. 

There were so many things that I needed to be doing but I had to trade them all in for 3 a.m. talks with my crew. When you're surrounded by a successful group of people it's often times hard to get together a lot and really enjoy yourself so when we have the time to hang out, we really hang out. 

On an unrelated note, I signed up for the Secret Pen Pal Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Fab over at Snail Mail Love. It's a really cool secret swap where you sign up and you're assigned to a person and you create a small little package for them and then send it off by the send date. The entire time the other person doesn't even know who they are receiving a package from. It's great for the element of surprise. This year I hope to create something really special for whoever my swap partner is. If you're interested you should hop on over to Fab's blog and check out the rules to make sure you're eligible and able to dedicate the time. 

See you there, 

XOXO LiptonTee