Sunday, January 26, 2014

12 in 14 Reading Challenge

So with the success of my other two goals - I found 2 crafty pen pals and 3 journal pals as well as gotten my pen pal project successfully jump-started - I've decided to add one more thing I enjoy to my list! Reading! Last year I think my challenge was only 11 books, this year I've set it for 12 - one book a month - not too flexible but not too tight either - I'm sure I'll end up reading more but at least I've set a personal challenge

If you'd like to keep up with how I'm doing you can check out the goodreads widget on the sidebar - so far I'm one in!

Along with the 12 in 14 challenge, I've also decided to do reviews on each book. First up is


I received this book as a Christmas gift along with a few others and it was not on my to-read list but starting with the first page I wondered why I hadn't discovered it via goodreads. Either way, in the beginning the story line caught my attention. Basically the main character Emily, moves back home with her mother after the reality of her fathers failing health hits home. However, Emily is really dreading the move, until she runs into old friends from school and a new, and one old, love interest. Long story short the book is mainly about finding love in a dead end town and how rushing things, or not really loving someone fully can come back to haunt you. 

It was an interesting read and although about halfway through I realized that I wasn't really into it, I did continue to read because I'm one of those people that likes to find out how the story ends. I wasn't too fond of all the sex, but in the authors defense the book description does pretty much foreshadow that there would be a lot of those types of scenes - I'm just one of those weird people that does not enjoy book sex, which is why I haven't picked up 50 shades yet. Anyway, I liked the characters and there were some really enjoyable parts but I hated the way the book ended. I won't spoil it incase you like the description - and lets face it, the fact that it has sex, lol just kidding - but I just really thought the ending was a bit lack luster, I wanted a bit more umph or at least if it didn't go one way then the character would realize and go the  other - that will make sense when you read it. I also didn't like how a really minor character ended up being a big character at the end - it was just really annoying to me.  Anyway, on goodreads I rated it a two but then went back and rated it a three - it wasn't horrible but it just wasn't the best and I did finish it in 2 days which meant it was pretty dang good otherwise. If you'd like to check out other reviews you can click the book title under the image above and it will take you to the books good read page. 

Next up will be "The Reverend's Wife" by Kimberla Lawson Roby. 

*I do not own this image and I am not trying to take ownership for the image. I am simply using the image as a way to link readers to the authors book. If at any point the posting of this image becomes an issue, please e-mail me and I will immediately take it down. Also I am not endorsing the author or the book, I am simply giving a review of a book that was given to me as a gift that I read. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creative Project 2014!

To continue with my new years resolutions, I have decided to add on 2 new pen pals for the year of 2014. The difference between these pen pals and my other pen pals is that these two pen pals will go beyond just the basic written letter. I am looking for someone who shares my interest in crafting and someone who will help me conquer journal keeping. Here is a little more information about the both of them: 

- Crafty Pen Pal - I’ve decided that 2014 is going to be a lot more creative for me and last year I tried my hand at card making again and it really ignited a spark and I want to continue to make these cards in the new year. I am looking for someone who shares the same interests - i.e. card making, creative mail art, etc. We will make cards for each other for each of the holidays as well as birthdays - we can even discuss other options such as a monthly card challenge or something fun like that! I am really looking for someone who is in-tune with the crafty world, who loves to shop for crafty goodies - so we can discuss awesome deals and really someone who will encourage me and critique my card making skills! If you are interested or have questions  please email me at - with the subject line “Crafty Pen Pal.”

- Notebook/Yearly Pen Pal - So this was something that I’d thought of several years ago and posted about it previously on my tumblr page - you can read my original post here - I actually came up with the idea after I dreamed about it - weird I know. Anyway the idea this time will be different. Instead of letters I want to do this like a journal and it doesn’t have to be everyday, but just like maybe once a week - we will write something and include pictures if you can, even tickets, receipts, newspapers from our area. This would be really cool to do with someone who is not in the US as that way we can really learn about our countries. At the end of the year - like December 27 or something we can send the notebook off and if we’d like to do it again we can do it again the next year! I would really like someone who is dedicated and someone who will keep in touch via email - as this is pretty time consuming and it will only work if you are really into it. If you are interested or have questions please email me at - with the subject line “Yearly Pen Pal” 

*I am also open to ideas so please if you would like to be one of these pen pals but have a different way of how you think it will work - email it to me. I am open to hearing about your take on the project!

Basic Requirements 
18 or older only please
Female only
Willing to put in effort to keep the project going
A brief description of yourself -ie likes, dislikes, etc. 

*Also as a a quick side note I may be interested in adding a few “regular written pen pals” if you think we are a good fit - feel free to email me with your name, age, location, hobbies and your instagram or blog! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 - Goals and Plans

With the start of the new year I decided to jump start some old goals and plans that I had for the previous year. Instead of sitting around and letting 2014 pass like I did 2013, I made the decision to do more things that make me happy and to document those things along the way. In the beginning blogging wasn't one of my resolutions but with change and a lot of thought I decided to actually try blogging again for the 3rd time - crazy I know considering it never worked in the past but still, 3rd times the charm right?! So without further ado... here are my 2014 resolutions!!

1. Find another job
2. Research and enroll in grad school
3. Do something fun once a month
4. Finish 3 projects - these has changed to - finish all projects
5. Lose 30 pounds
6. Get in tune with my spirituality
7. Stay organized
8. Meet new people
9. Love myself more
10. Travel to 1 place
11. Discover myself
12. Don't waste time
13. Enjoy the year

Also I set up several "creative" goals for myself to finish by the end of the year.

1. Finish my pen pal project life album
2. Write and finish a novel
3. Blog at least once a week
4. Get a crafty pen pal and do some type of crafting every holiday
5. Big Idea Journal - something that I started planning last year that I need to get started on
6. Notebook Pen Pal Letter- find someone to do a diary/journal swap with
7. Filofax - keep it decorated, updated and organized


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