Sunday, January 12, 2014

Creative Project 2014!

To continue with my new years resolutions, I have decided to add on 2 new pen pals for the year of 2014. The difference between these pen pals and my other pen pals is that these two pen pals will go beyond just the basic written letter. I am looking for someone who shares my interest in crafting and someone who will help me conquer journal keeping. Here is a little more information about the both of them: 

- Crafty Pen Pal - I’ve decided that 2014 is going to be a lot more creative for me and last year I tried my hand at card making again and it really ignited a spark and I want to continue to make these cards in the new year. I am looking for someone who shares the same interests - i.e. card making, creative mail art, etc. We will make cards for each other for each of the holidays as well as birthdays - we can even discuss other options such as a monthly card challenge or something fun like that! I am really looking for someone who is in-tune with the crafty world, who loves to shop for crafty goodies - so we can discuss awesome deals and really someone who will encourage me and critique my card making skills! If you are interested or have questions  please email me at - with the subject line “Crafty Pen Pal.”

- Notebook/Yearly Pen Pal - So this was something that I’d thought of several years ago and posted about it previously on my tumblr page - you can read my original post here - I actually came up with the idea after I dreamed about it - weird I know. Anyway the idea this time will be different. Instead of letters I want to do this like a journal and it doesn’t have to be everyday, but just like maybe once a week - we will write something and include pictures if you can, even tickets, receipts, newspapers from our area. This would be really cool to do with someone who is not in the US as that way we can really learn about our countries. At the end of the year - like December 27 or something we can send the notebook off and if we’d like to do it again we can do it again the next year! I would really like someone who is dedicated and someone who will keep in touch via email - as this is pretty time consuming and it will only work if you are really into it. If you are interested or have questions please email me at - with the subject line “Yearly Pen Pal” 

*I am also open to ideas so please if you would like to be one of these pen pals but have a different way of how you think it will work - email it to me. I am open to hearing about your take on the project!

Basic Requirements 
18 or older only please
Female only
Willing to put in effort to keep the project going
A brief description of yourself -ie likes, dislikes, etc. 

*Also as a a quick side note I may be interested in adding a few “regular written pen pals” if you think we are a good fit - feel free to email me with your name, age, location, hobbies and your instagram or blog! 


snowangel said...

Hi, I'm interested in your notebook project! :) I will message you to your email add! :D

lipton|TEE said...

Great! Look forward to hearing from you!

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